Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Timeline

Timeline created by taylrya2018
  • The Flood

    The Flood
    During a humid summer day, Rikki-Tikki was washed away by a flood.
  • Rikki is found.

    Rikki is found.
    When Rikki washed up on shore, 3 humans (Teddy,his dad, and his mom) all thought he might be dead but they brought him back to there bungalow and tried to save him.
  • He is alive!

    He is alive!
    Rikki was saved by the family and came to like them.
  • The garden.

    The garden.
    Rikki explores his new home and finds a huge garden.
  • Meeting Darzee.

    Meeting Darzee.
    In the garden Rikki hears someone crying. When he ivestigated he found a bird named Darzee crying. She had said a cobra killed one of her eggs.
  • Meeting The Cobras

    Meeting The Cobras
    Rikki sees Nag, and asked him why he was there. Then Nagina juped out of a bush behind him, and tried to bite him. Rikki doged it and ran away.
  • Karait

    Rikki comes to his house and finds that Teddy is about to get killed by a snake named Karait. Rikki lunged in and bit Karait's neck. The bite killed him instantly and Teddy was saved.
  • Rikki's First Night

    Rikki's First Night
    Rikki sleeps with Teddy to make sure he is safe.
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    When Rikki woke up, he went to see Darzee's wife. His plan was to have her distract the cobras while he destroyed the cobras eggs. So they went off to do their jobs.
  • Kill the Eggs

    Kill the Eggs
    Rikki gets to the cobras eggs and kills them all exept one. Then he goes to kill the cobras.
  • The Last Stand

    The Last Stand
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZbohVrWajQRikki finds the cobras, and after a long battle he finnaly kills them.