Revolution of Haitian & Latin American

Timeline created by S-Lopez
  • Miguel Hildalgo

    in 1810,Padre Miguel Hidalgo a priest in the small village of Dolores took the first step toward independence Hildalgo was a poor but well educated man.
  • Venezuelas Independence

    Venezuelas Independence
    In 1811 Simon Bolivar native Venezula declared it's independence for spain.
  • War

    the army defeated Hildalgo in 1811.
  • Jose Maria Morelos

    in 1815, a creole officer, Asustin de Iturbide, defeated him.
  • Independence Declared

    San Martin Argentina had declared it independence in 1816.
  • San Martin Results

    the future counties of venezuela, colombia, panama and Ecuador were united into a country called Gran Colombia.
  • Venezulas Independence Ended

    the results were that by 1821 bolivar had won venezula's independence.
  • Morelos Independence

    Agustin de Iturbide the man who had defeated the rebel padre Morelos proclaimed independence in 1821.