Resident Evil

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  • Resident Evil

    The title was first released for the Playstation system. The game's graphics consist of 3D polygonal characters and objects superimposed over pre-rendered backdrops with pre-determined camera angles. The system used optical disks, memory cards and downloads for distribution and memory. (RE Wikipedia)
  • Resident Evil 2

    Resident Evil 2 was the first in the series to use limited voice acting in the franchise. The title was released on the Playstation.
    The graphics of Resident Evil 2 are composed of real-time generated – and thus movable – polygonal character and item models, superimposed over pre-rendered backgrounds that are viewed from fixed camera angles. Its memory was in the form of optical disk, cartridge and download form.
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

    This is the fourth installment of the franchise and the first on a system other than the Playstation and was instead released on the Sega Dream Cast. It is the first in the series to use 3D backgrounds as apposed to pre-rendered ones.
  • Residet Evil: Outbreak

    This title brings Resident Evil back to its Sony roots and on to the Playstation 2. As with almost ever RE game it used 3D graphics that even though don't meet the standards of today were amazing for their time.
  • Resident Evil: 4

    This is the first "modern" Resident Evil in the series. It was released on the Gamecube and took advantage of its 3D rendering graphical capabilities. It also made the most use in the series to this date of voice acting for almost every actor. They also used motion capture to make sure the characters expresions matched their voice in the scene.
  • Resident Evil:5

    Resident Evil 5 was the first to be created for the "next gen" consoles, i.e. PS3 and Xbox 360. By being able to use the graphical capabilities of these systems they were able to do full motion capture for almost every part of the game, as well as true voice acting in it as well.
  • Resident Evil: Opperation Raccoon City

    This is the most current embodiment of the series. It has stepped away from survival horror and has become more of a shooter in nature. With this we lose some of the story telling that happened in older renditions of the series. They still used motion capture and true 3D rendering along with voice acting but the voice acting wasn't near as useful in telling the story as it was in games past.