Real World Disease Events

Timeline created by CameronHarris
  • Scarlet Fever Becomes Less Severe

    Scarlet Fever Becomes Less Severe
    In the early and late 1800s, Scarlet Fever was the leading cause of child death. Now, however, since the 1900s Scarlet Fever is on the decline. The last major cases appeared in the early 1900s.
  • Typhoid Mary

    Typhoid Mary
    An Irish immigrant to the United States named Mary Mallon began working as a cook. Typhoid was rampant where she worked and she eventually became infected with the disease. To prevent the spread of the virus further, the government legally detained her for 23 years until her death in 1938. She is pictured on the left.
  • 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

    1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic
    The Spainish flu erupts. It kills an estimated 75 million people. Some have even called it the worst outbreak of all time rivaling the Black Death.
  • Yellow Fever is Isolated and Vaccinated

    Yellow Fever is Isolated and Vaccinated
    A vaccine for Yellow fever is finally created after the disease is isolated in Africa. The vaccine was widely used in the U.S. during WWII. Work is still being done to eradicate the disease in Africa and other third world regions.
  • Japanese Biological Warfare Against China

    Japanese Biological Warfare Against China
    The Japanese begin using biological weapons on Chinese during World War II. The attacks killed tens of thousands of Chinese citizens and made many more very sick. A combonation of weaponized pathogens and toxins are used.
  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    The rumors of Nazi extermination camps come to light when Allied forces invade Germany. The Nazis used a gas known as Zyklon B to kill the Jews. An estimated 6 million are killed during the Holocaust.
  • Final Major Measels Outbreak

    Final Major Measels Outbreak
    The most recent measels outbreak occurs in Greenland. The disease has not emerged in force since this incident. However, the disease has not been cured.
  • Smallpox is Eradicated

    Smallpox is Eradicated
    Smallpox is effectivly eliminated from the world. Cases are reported every now and then. The next generation of humans, however, has not recieved the innoculation and is suseptible to the disease.
  • HIV/AIDS is Discovered

    HIV/AIDS is Discovered
    Several homosexual men began showing syptoms of a new disease in the United States. It is named AIDS. The origin of the disease is believed to be in Africa from primates.
  • Syrian Biological Warfare

    Syrian Biological Warfare
    In the struggle for Syrian indipendance, both sides have claimed that the other has used biological weapons against them. Diseases such as smallpox and botulinium have been reported in the area. Meanwhile, international powers hope that the crisis will come to an end in the near future. This conflict shows that biological weapons are still being used in modern times and will continue to be used into the future.