Ray Bradbary

Timeline created by mercerj15
  • Bradbury's twin brothers samuel and leonard are born

  • Samuel dies of unkown disease

  • Ray douglas bradbury is born at Waukegan, Illinois

    Ray bradbury was born in
  • Period: to

    Lives life without drivers license

  • Sister elizabeth is born

  • Period: to

    Ray bradbury constantly moves between Waukegan and Tucson

  • Sister elizabeth dies

  • Bradbury (age 12) starts writing 4 hours a day on butchers paper.

  • Moves to los angeles where he meets his friends George Bums and Ray Harryhausen

  • Period: to

    Sells papers

  • Writes The Cat's Pajama's dedicated to his wife

  • Period: to

    Bradbury raises 4 daughters susan ramona batina and alexandria.

  • Marguerite Mcclare (Maggy) dies

  • Bradbury requests his tomb stone says "writer of farenheit 451".

  • ray bradbury dies