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  • Radio Timeline

    Marconi- Italian Inventor, sent & received first radio signal in 1895, was he the first or was it a case of good PR?
  • Radio Stations

    In 1920, 8XK was created, renamed as KDKA, and still around today broadcasting out of Pittsburgh Pennslyvania.
  • The Dawn of Advertising

    Question: How does a radio station make money? Answer: In 1922 WEAF aired a 10 minute 'commercial' or toll broadcast for an Apartment Complex charging $50.
  • FRC

    In 1927, Uncle Charlie was too popular. FRC was established in 1927, they organized the licensing of transmitters. FRC assigned radio station frequencies, call letters, & power limits.
  • Call Letters

    W is East of the Mississippi River, K is the West of the Mississippi River, why should FRC assign call letters. What about the WBAP & WFAA?
  • Family Medium

    The entire family could enjoy the radio together, they could watch big band/ story hour/ situational comedies/ dramas.