Progressive era Laws

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  • National Reclamation Act

    National Reclamation Act
    Large scale program of federal irrigation and hydroelectric development. (Conservation)
  • The Elkins Act

    The Elkins Act
    Made restrictions on railroads from changing rates without informing the public. (Monopolies)
  • Hepburn Act

    Hepburn Act
    Restricts free railroad passes. (Monopolies)
  • The Meat Inspection Act

    The Meat Inspection Act
    Strict cleanliness required for meatpackers, federal inspections started. (Consumer)
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Pure Food and Drug Act
    Labeling of habit forming drugs on foods and drinks becomes a law. (Consumer)
  • Muller V. Oregon

    Muller V. Oregon
    Regulated employment of women. (Womens Rights)
  • 16th Admendment

    16th Admendment
    Allowed income tax. (Inequality)
  • 17th Admendment

    17th Admendment
    Set the laws of the senate. (Corruption in Gov't)
  • Clayton Anti-trust Act

    Clayton Anti-trust Act
    Labor Unions and Farm Organizations are given the right to exsist without prosecution. (Monopolies)
  • Federal Trade Commision Act

    Federal Trade Commision Act
    Set up a watchdog agency called the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) (Inequality)
  • Hammer v. Dagenhart

    Hammer v. Dagenhart
    Unallowed products made by child labor to cross state lines. (Later deemed unconstitutional.) (Child Labor)
  • Bunting V. Oregon

    Bunting V. Oregon
    Supreme court rules that work day must be at most 10 hours. (Labor Problems)
  • 18th Admendment

    18th Admendment
    Prohibition (Made all alcoholic drinks illegal.) (Consumer)
  • 19th Admendment

    19th Admendment
    Gave all citizens no matter race or gender the right to vote. (Women's Rights)
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