Progression of US Involvemnt In WW2 Timeline!

Timeline created by kitchesr
  • President Election

    President Election
    FDR was elected for the third time. It was the first time in history that this had happened. ISolation took place. He promised they would not take place in any foreign wars. He had alot of competition from Windell wilkie. He talked about the failure FDR had from the great depression.
  • Axis Powers

    Axis Powers
    The mutual defense treaty was signed by germany, italy, and japan. They were known as the axis powers. Their goal was to keep the U.S. Out of the war. If they join the war they will have to fight them all.
  • The Lend-Lease Plan.

    The Lend-Lease Plan.
    Britian ran out of money. Roosevelt tried to help out by suggesting the lend lease plan. This is where the United States would lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the United States" Isolations argued against it but most americans were in favor of it and it was passed.
  • Supporting Stalin

    Supporting Stalin
    Hitler had broke the deal he had made in 1939 by starting a war and invading the soviet union. Roosevelt sent supplis to the soviet union. Many americans were against it but something had to be done because of hitler. Supply lines had to be kept open acrossthe alantic ocean. this was to support the lend lease ships because hitler sent ships out to attack the u.s's ships.
  • FDR plans for war!

    FDR plans for war!
    Even though Roosevelt was popular, Hitler was attacking his ships that were used to transfer supplies. American forces were underarmed. With these things happening Roosevelt extended the term of draftees, he won by one vote. roosevellt began planningfor the war. He knew it was coming.
  • Signing of the Alantic Charter

    Signing of the Alantic Charter
    A meeting took place at the USS augusta between Roosevelt and Churchhill to discuss the war in europe and possible U.S. commitment. The meeting resulted in the signing of the Alantic charter. Which pleged collective security, disarmanment, self-determination, economic cooperation, and freedom of the seas. Roosevelt could not just ask for war but he would wage war and do eveything in his power to force an incident.
  • Shoot on Sight

    Shoot on Sight
    After a German submarine fired on the U.S. destroyer greer. Roosevelt told them that if they looked like they were going to fire then they needed to crush the german boats. LAter on three more submarines were sunk(. America had been attacted. War semmed ready.
  • The attack on Pearl Harbor

    The attack on Pearl Harbor
    Roosevelt uncoded the message which meant this means war. A suprise attack was put on pearl harbor by Japaneese bomb divers dropped bombs on pearl harbor. It killed thousands of people and ruined millions of dollars of supplies. The americans were outraged and america has joined the war.