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  • Beginning of Democratic-Republican party

    Beginning of Democratic-Republican party: in 1792 this started.the president of this was Jefferson people who supported Jefferson was one of these. And this party supported the us Constitution.
  • Election of George Washington

    Election of George Washington: He was elected anonymously the first president of the United States of America in 1792. After the electoral system evolved into a serious contest to see who is going to run our country. Now every four years we have an election.
  • Beginning of Federlist Party

    beginning of Federalist Party: there was a war that made the decision to do the party's. John Adams was a federalist and one of the founding fathers. He supported the federalist in 1796.
  • Election of John Adams

    Election of John Adams: in 1796 John Adams was elected as our 6Th president. He wanted to get rid of the Democrat Republican party.He was a vice President First then the people liked him so he ran for president.
  • Alien Act:

    Alien Act: This law was sing by President John Adams in 1798. The purpose of this law was because if any enamy came in their country he could imprison them or deport them.
  • 1801 by president John Adams

    John Marshall appointed: He was appointed Chief Justice in 1801 by president John Adams during Adams last week of presidency. He served as Chief Justice in the U.S. throughout Thomas Jefferson’s to John Quincy Adam’s presidency, and most of the two terms of Andrew Jackson. His most famous case was Marbury v. Madison.
  • Louisiana Purchace

    Louisiana Purchase : April 30, 1803 France sold to the American 828,000 square miles in the Louisiana purchase for $15 million. Louisiana was mainly unexplored land and the natural resources we have today might not have been there at that time period. Thanks to the Louisiana Purchase we had more control of the Mississippi River, so we could have more ability to trade between states.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark expedition: In April 1803, the expedition officially began on May 21, 1804Thomas Jefferson was in office and he just had purchased Louisiana, and sent Lewis and Clark to explore the new land. Congress finally decided to fund the exposition. The main reason of this expedition was that so they could study the Native Americans
  • election of Andrew Jacktion

    Election of Andrew Jackson: He helped in the war of 1812 and killed thousands of British men to protect his country. He ran for president agint john quicy and won by the popular vote. And for clay he was is secortary of state>
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans: On January 8th 1815.They wanted to defeat the British army so they want take over. They signed the treaty of Ghent to stop the blody war.
  • Election of 1820

    Election of James Monroe: The election of James Monroe was vary important to history. it happednd in 1820 and the electoral collage had to step in and vote. by 34 votes monroe won for the replubicans.
  • Missouri Compromise:1820

    Missouri Compromise:1820 the compromise was Discover rd. congress ended the slavery issue. The south didn't like this because they love slavery.
  • Election of 1820

    Election of 1820: This voting the electoral congress had to step in it was vary close tie but Monroe won! He was a replubican and he got the most votes by the electoral collage. He did the Monroe doctorin witch the people love...sometimes.
  • Gibbone vs ogden

    Gibbons v.s. Ogden: 1824 One of the most important court cases in history. This court cases was in 1824. it gave individual right to the people and gave right to the court systems too.
  • Beginning of Democratic Party

    Beginning of Democratic Party 1830the beginning of the democrat party was significant to American history. Gorge Washington did not want party's but Americans did. it was when they divided federalist and democrats app-art. There where setting things that democrats wanted the federalist didn't.
  • Worceater vs Georgia

    Worcester vs. Georgia; 1832
    This was a case when the United States Supreme Court decided that Georgia moving Native Americans out was unconstitutional. Worcester, a missionary, who was in Georgia at the time was unable to get a state license so he could stay. So he fought against Georgia in the case and the Supreme Court chose to stop the law passed to remove the Cherokee.
  • Closing the us bank:

    Closing the us bank: 1913 the banks where at the ending. The banks had a major crisist where they where going to the end. they shut down all banks with peoples money in there so the didn’t have any money and this coused the great depression
  • James madison

    Bill of Rights added to Constitution: In December of 1787James Madison proposed it. They thought it was a bad idea because other states had one and it did not work for them because they dint know what they were doing. James Madison’s plan worked because he anodized every one and researched history, so he could get an idea of what the people need .