Herbert Clark Hoover Timeline

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  • Hulda Randall Minthorn Hoover

    Hulda Randall Minthorn Hoover
    Herbert Hoover's mother
  • Hoover's Vice President

    Hoover's Vice President
    Charles Curtis, born Jan. 25, 1860. born in Topeka, Kansas
  • Theodore Jesse Hoover birth date

    Theodore Jesse Hoover birth date
    Herbert Clark Hoover's older brother
  • Jesse Clark Hoover

    Jesse Clark Hoover
    Herbert Hoover's father
  • Lou Henry Hoover

    Lou Henry Hoover
    She is married to Herbert Hoover
  • Birth date

    Birth date
    He was born in West Branch, Iowa first President born west of the Mississippi River
  • Born in West Branch, Iowa

    Born in West Branch, Iowa
    Herbert Hoover was born here and he was buried here
  • Mary Hoover birth date

    Mary Hoover birth date
    Herbert Hoover's younger sister
  • Herbert Hoover moving houses

    Herbert Hoover moving houses
    moved to Newberg, Ore
  • University

    enrolled in Leland Stanford University
  • Graduation

    Graduated from Leland Stanford University
  • Vacation

    went to China with his wife
  • Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr. birth date

    Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr. birth date
    Born in London, England
  • Allen Henry Hoover Birth date

    Allen Henry Hoover Birth date
    born in London, England and Herbert Jr.'s little brother
  • Asteroid named for Hoover

    Asteroid named for Hoover
    The first asteroid named for a President was Hooveria. Discovered by Professor Johann Palisan. But at the time Hoover was not the President.
  • Margaret Eva Watson marriage date

    Margaret Eva Watson marriage date
    Married to Herbert Jr. and born in Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Agricultural Marketing Act

    Agricultural Marketing Act
    A law Herbert Hoover created for "revitalize the increasingly poor market for farm products. It represents a marked reversal in federal policy; Coolidge had vetoed a number of similar bills designed to aid farmers during his presidency. The act creates the Federal Farm Board, designed to promote the sale of agricultural products through cooperatives and stabilization corporations.
  • Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act

    Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
    Against the urgings of many economists, Hoover signs the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, raising duties prohibitively high on many imports. Rather than solve the economic crash, the act causes other countries to follow America's lead by raising their tariffs. Such “economic nationalism” exacerbates both the international depression and nationalist tensions.
  • Veterans Administration Act

    Veterans Administration Act
    Hoover signs the Veterans Administration Act, establishing the Veterans Administration. The act consolidates all existing federal agencies handling benefits for former servicemen into a single department.
  • Bonus Loan Bill

    Bonus Loan Bill
    Over Hoover's veto, Congress passes the Bonus Loan Bill. The act allows veterans to obtain cash loans of up to 50 percent of their bonus certificates issued in 1924.
  • Absolute Monarch visited Hoover

    Absolute Monarch visited Hoover
    The first absolute monarch to visit the United States was King Prajadhipok of Siam. He went to New York City, accompanied by his wife Queen Rambai Bani, and the royal entourage
  • When Hoover's Vice President Died

    When Hoover's Vice President Died
    His name is Charles Curtis
  • Margaret Coberly Marriage date

    Margaret Coberly Marriage date
    born in Los Angeles, Calif. and married to Allen Henry Hoover
  • When Lou Henry Hoover Died

    When Lou Henry Hoover Died
    She died in New York City do to a heart attack
  • Mary Hoover death

    Mary Hoover death
    "Mary and her husband made their home in San Francisco, California and later retired to Santa Monica where they lived until her death from an ongoing illness."
  • Theodore Jesse Hoover death

    Theodore Jesse Hoover death
    Theodore died of old age
  • Hoover,. Engineer

    Hoover,. Engineer
    "A survey conducted as part of the one hundredth anniversary of the School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University named Herbert Clark Hoover and Thomas Alva Edison as the two greatest engineers in the history of the United States."
  • When Herbert Hoover Died

    When Herbert Hoover Died
    He died in New York City. He was buried in West Branch, Iowa. He died to massive internal bleeding
  • Strange facts about Herbert Clark Hoover

    Strange facts about Herbert Clark Hoover
    first President born in Iowa
    was the thirteenth President who was a resident of a state other than his native state
    The first President to have served in a cabinet other than as secretary of state or war
    The last President whose term of office ended on March 3
  • Hoover National Historic Site

    Hoover National Historic Site
    "Congress enacted a law to 'to establish the Herbert Hoover National Historical Site' near West Branch, Iowa and appropriated $1,650,000 for land acquisition and development."
  • Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr. death

    Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr. death
    died in Pasadena, Calif.
  • When Allen Hoover Died

    When Allen Hoover Died
    Allan Hoover, the son of President Herbert Hoover, died on Thursday in Portola Valley, Calif. He was 86 and had lived much of his life in California. Mr. Hoover died after a brief illness, The Associated Press reported.