Benjamin Harrison LK

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  • Vice president birth

    Vice president birth
    Levi Parsons Morton
    Levi was born on May 16th,1824 in Shoreham, Vermont to Daniel Oliver Morton and Lucretia Parsons Morton
  • Birth

    Harrison was born on August 20th, 1833 in a small home near the Cincinnati river just in north bend, Ohio to John Scott Harrison and Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison
  • Graduated from miami university

    Graduated from miami university
    Benjamin went to the University of Miami located in Oxford, Ohio to study the arts and law
    Harrison then graduated in 1852 and then went on to marry his first wife
  • 1st marriage

    1st marriage
    Benjamin Harrison and caroline Harrison got married on October 20th, 1853 alongside friends and family, they were married for 39 years and 5 days after mary had passed away
  • First child born

    First child born
    Russell Benjamin Harrison
    Russell's place of birth was Oxford, Ohio
    He was married on January 9th, 1884 to Mary Angeline Saunders
    Harrison had Russell with his 1st wife
  • Second child born

    Second child born
    Mary Scott Harrison
    Mary was married on November 5th, 1884 to James Robert McKee in Indianapolis, Indiana
    Harrison along with Russell gave birth to mary with his 1st wife
  • Indiana supreme court

    Indiana supreme court
    Harrison was declared the reporter of decisions for the supreme court of Indiana
  • Honorable discharge from the army

    Honorable discharge from the army
    Benjamin Harrison resigned from the army on June 8th, 1865
    Benjamin served in the army for 3 years from 1862-1865 in the American civil war
    He served in the Union army as a colonel and soon became second lieutenant of Indiana volunteers
    Soon in 1864, he was serving as a reporter of decisions for Indiana supreme court while still in military service
  • U.S. Senate

    U.S. Senate
    In the years before serving as president Harrison was very involved in politics and was often one of the top in the military ranking during the civil war era
    He was a member of the Mississippi river commission before becoming senate and soon becoming president
  • Recieved A.M. degree

    Recieved A.M. degree
    Benjamin Harrison received his A.M. degree in 1885
    An A.M. degree is a master of arts degree, benjamin went to Miami university from 1850-1852, studying arts and law, and soon went on to be a political leader
  • Put into office as president

    Put into office as president
    Harrison was put into office after serving his time in the civil war along with being the senate of Indiana
  • Oklahoma was opened to settlers

    Oklahoma was opened to settlers
    the reason that it was not open is that it was unsuitable to white settlers, they realized that improved agriculture and ranching techniques led some to believe Indian territory was valuable, benjamin Harrison agreed that so they removed Indian territory from Indian control, Harrison decided to open 1.9 million acres of Indian territory, by 1905 most of this land had been concord for the Americans, two years later this land came to be added on the state of Oklahoma
  • North and south dakota were admitted to the 39th and 40th states

    North and south dakota were admitted to the 39th and 40th states
    the first European explorers found explored the region, 8 native American tribes populated the area, natives were a big part in the opening, many came to the area but the tension between the settlers and the Sioux discouraged, in 1874-gold caused many people pouring into the black hills which caused many problems, new citizens became divided and soon decided to have different capitals, in 1889 it was declared that these states would be divided territory and made them states of the union
  • Montana is admitted as the 41st state

    Montana is admitted as the 41st state
    this area was the first inhabitants of native Americans, until the lewis and Clark expedition when they crossed America, roman catholic missionaries followed the trappers and began to build a small settlement, the discovery of gold brought many to the area, this caused boomtowns and eventually brought many over, cattle ranchers were also starting to come in and bring their goods to the area, during the 1800s the railroads came to Montana, the territory became a state in 1889
  • Washington admitted to the 42nd state

    Washington admitted to the 42nd state
    many arrived in the second continental railroad, this state became because George Washington's constitutional convention was conveyed, in the capital of Olympia, the delegates were chosen on a formula created by congress, it required to divide the territory into 25 districts, they voted and Washington became an official state by the citizens
  • Anti-trust act enacted

    Anti-trust act enacted
    The Anti-trust act enacted on July 2nd, 1890
    This acts purpose was to promote economic fairness and competitiveness and to also regulate interstate commerce
  • Idaho admitted as the 43rd state

    Idaho admitted as the 43rd state
    in 1805 lewis and Clark passed through Idaho on their way to the ocean, many people began coming to Idaho including missionaries, fur traders, miners, and farmers, Idaho officially became a state during the Oregon treaty with Britain, it joined the Oregon territory in 1848, in 1853 Oregon became its own territory and Idaho joined with the Washington territory, but once Idaho began gaining more population it split into its own territory
  • Wyoming admitted as the 44th state

    Wyoming admitted as the 44th state
    many native tribes were once held in the mountains of Wyoming, but once in 1807, john colter was on exploration and saw rolling hills, beautiful guizers, the gold in California and Oregon brought many settlers passing through Wyoming, soon it began building military posts, through the beginning of building Wyoming, they were not sure if there were enough possible people, but president benjamin Harrison passed the bill and it became the 44th state
  • Sherman silver purchase act passed

    Sherman silver purchase act passed
    the Sherman Silver Purchase was passed on July 14th, 1890
    this act demanded that the US purchase twice as much silver as before
  • First wifes death

    First wifes death
    Caroline Harrison was the first wife of former president benjamin Harrison, caroline was born on October 1st, 1832 in oxford Ohio, she and benjamin got married on October 20th, 1853, caroline and benjamin had 2 kids together Russell and mary Scott, but she passed away on October 25th,1892 caroline died in Washington, d.c due to tuberculosis
  • Kicked out of office

    Kicked out of office
    Harrison ran for a second term in office but he got beat by our 24th president, Grover Cleveland
  • 2nd marriage

    2nd marriage
    Benjamin Harrison and Mary Harrison got married on April 6th, 1896 in New York, New York, they were married for 4 years and 341 days
  • Third child born

    Third child born
    Elizabeth Harrison
    Elizabeth was born in Indianapolis, Indiana
    Elizabeth was married to James Blaine Walker on April 6th, 1921 in new york, new york
    She died on December 25th, 1955
  • After presidency

    After presidency
    Benjamin after spending time in office he went on to practice law, served in pairs as chief attorney for the Republic of Venezuela in the Venezuela-Great Britain boundary dispute
  • Death

    age of death: 67 years, 205 days
    died in Indianapolis, Indiana
    burial place is: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Vice president death

    Vice president death
    Levi Parsons Morton died on May 16th, 1920 which also happened to be his 96th birthday, he died in Rhinebeck, New York, and is buried also in Rhinebeck, New york
  • Second childs death

    Second childs death
    Mary Scott Harrison
    Mary died on October 28th, 1930 in Greenwich, Connecticut
  • First children death

    First children death
    Russell Benjamin Harrison was benjamin Harrisons first child
    he passed away in Indianapolis Indiana due to a heart attack
  • Second wives death

    Second wives death
    Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison was born on April 30th, 1858 in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, her and benjamin got married on April 6th, 1896 in New York, New York, her and benjamin were 24 years and 253 days apart in age, they had 1 child together, Elizabeth Harrison, who was born on February 21st, 1897 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mary Scott died on January 5th, 1948 she was 89 years and 250 days old, she was buried alongside benjamin in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Third childs death

    Third childs death
    Elizabeth Harrison
    Elizabeth died on December 25th, 1955 in new york, new york