Timeline created by captainsparrow
  • Edward Teach is born

  • Edward Teague is born

  • Alicia Malon is born

  • Marisol Merlo is born.

  • Cutler Beckett is born

  • William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner is born

  • Joshamee Gibbs is born

  • Edith Turner is born

  • Hector Barbossa is born

  • Jack Sparrow is born to Edward Teague and Marisol Merlo.

  • James Norrington is born

  • Annamaria is born

  • Angelica Teach is born

    She's born in Cádiz and her mom dies in childbirth.
  • William "Will" Turner Jr. is born to Edith & William Turner

  • Elizabeth Swann is born

    She's born in Port Royal.
  • Elizabeth's mom dies.

  • Lord Cutler Beckett hires on Jack Sparrow to transport ‘cargo.’

    Jack gains the speedy ship he falls in love with that will become the Pearl. Jack isn’t aware said ‘cargo’ is slaves, and refuses to transport it, liberates it instead. Gets branded a pirate and manages to escape.
  • The Pearl is sunk. Jack makes a deal with Davy Jones.

  • Jack acquires his crew for the brand-new Pearl,

    His crew includes Barbossa and Bootstrap Bill. He likely already knew of them before. He becomes close with Bill, 12 years older than him. He probably fucks Barbossa. They have that sexual tension. Hello.
  • Prologue; Will & Elizabeth meet

    On the same ship, James Norrington is a lieutenant while Gibbs is an adult.
  • Barbossa and squad mutiny & maroon Jack.

  • Barbossa & Co acquire the cursed Aztec gold.

  • Bootstrap Bill gets sent to the bottom of the ocean, makes his deal with Davy Jones.

  • Jack meets Annamaria. They have an affair.

    He promises her a ship shortly into this affair.
  • Jack & Annamaria have a falling out. Jack leaves and borrows/steals her ship.

  • Jack meets Tia Dalma. They have an affair, kind of.

  • Jack meets a fucked up Gibbs in Tortuga, decides he seems nice.

  • Jack meets Angelica. The next day, they sleep together.

  • Jack convices Angelica to leave the convent & sail with him.

  • Movie #1 Starts

  • Barbossa dies.

    Wee hours of the morning
  • Jack & Angelica find each other again.

  • Tia Dalma resusrrects Barbossa.

  • Jack & Angelica have 2nd falling out.

  • Angelica trades her ring from Jack to Tia Dalma for info.

    Fountain of youth info, specifically. She is not thinking about Blackbeard yet.
  • Movie #2. Period of about a week?

  • Movie #3. Period of about a week or so?

    Henry Turner is conceived at the end of this period.
    Barbossa ends up with the pearl.
  • Angelica figures out Blackbeard is her father, starts her quest to find him.

  • Barbossa loses the Pearl to Blackbeard.

    The Pearl gets miniaturized.
  • Carina Smyth is born

  • Henry Turner is born

  • Events of movie #4

    Ignore the day
  • Events of movie #5, half of which I am happy to ignore.

  • Period: to

    Jack Captains the Pearl after Davy Deal

  • Period: to

    Black Pearl captained by Barbossa

    (the day in the date is irreleveant)
  • Period: to

    Jack & Angelica are together.

  • Period: to

    MOVIE #1

    From early in the day in apr 20, to barbossa dies early in the morning apr 22, to Jack's execution is on the 23rd.
  • Period: to

    Jack & Angelica are together again

    Jack is proud of his ship, go to La Martinique & St. Dominique, he gets trophy lace from her, they discuss the fountain of youth.