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  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Pocahontas was born in 1595, in Werowocomoco, Va.
  • Jamestown settlement

    Jamestown settlement
    In 1607 English settlers moved into Jamestown Virginia. The indian tribe of Powhatan welcomed the english to the land. Every once in a while the tribe would encounter the settlers. Therefor Pocahontas was introduced to the people often as a child.
  • The Capture of John Smith

    The Capture of John Smith
    A little after the English had settled in Jamestown, John Smith was captured by Chief Powhatan's men. He is then brought to the Chiefs home in Werowocomoco, VA. It is to have been said that Pocahontas saved Smith and he is then set free.
  • The Anglo-Powhatan Wars

    The Anglo-Powhatan Wars
    The Jamestown settlers and the Indians in the surrounding areas had many conflicts. The tension bubbled over into a small war in the late summer of 1609.
  • First Marriage

    First Marriage
    Somewhere before the year of 1612, Pocahontas was married to a warrior named Kocoum. This marriage could not have lasted very long because there are not many documented history about it. Also, Pocahontas is later captured and that is where her marriage is believed to come to an end.
  • The Capture of Pocahontas

    The Capture of Pocahontas
    Around 1613, Captain Samuel Argall pursued an alliance with Patowatomencks, a northern group of doubtful loyalty to Powhatan. Argall and his new allies tricked Pocahontas into boarding their ship and then held her for ransom. They demanded the release of the english settlers and supplies held by Powhatan. Powhatan failed to meet their demands, so Pocahontas remained in captivity.
  • Meeting of John Rolfe

    Meeting of John Rolfe
    While Pocahontas was staying with the english, she met an english farmer named John Rolfe. Rolfe was credited with the first successful growing of tobacco. Pocahontas and Rolfe grew closer.
  • Christianity

    While with the english in captivity for a year, a minister named Alexander Whitaker taught her Christianity and how to read and speak english better through reading the Bible. She was then later baptized with her new english name: Rebecca.
  • Tension Between Her Father

    Tension Between Her Father
    Some time in March after being held captive for an entire year, Pocahontas confronted her father. She was upset that he refused to make the necessary trades to bring her home, and she decided to stay with the English permanently.
  • Second Marriage

    Second Marriage
    On April 5, 1614 John Smith and Pocahontas got married. This marriage was said to have created a period of peace with the english and the Powhatan. After their marriage, they both moved into Rolfes farm for 2 years.
  • Birth of Thomas Rolfe

    Birth of Thomas Rolfe
    January 30, 1615 Pocahontas gave birth to her first and only son. His name was Thomas Rolfe. His birth was the first recorded time a child was born to a Virginian Native American women and an English man in Virginias history.
  • Rolfe's Trip to England

    Rolfe's Trip to England
    In 1616 the Rolfe family (John, Pocahontas and Thomas) traveled to England. The people in England saw Pocahontas as "royalty". They looked upon her as a figure from the Jamestown settlement and on January 5, 1617 Pocahontas met the King at Whitehall Palace.
  • Pocahontas' Last Days

    Pocahontas' Last Days
    March 1617, the Rolfe's boarded the ship to return to Virginia. They had only made it as far as Gravesend when Pocahontas fell ill. She was taken ashore where she most likely died of pneumonia or tuberculosis.
  • Death of Pocahontas

    Death of Pocahontas
    She died shortly after aborning the boat, her funeral took place March 21, 1617 in the parish of St. Georges. The site of her grave was most likely destroyed in a fire in 1727 beneath the chancel of St. Georges.
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