Pilgrim at Tinker Creek TImeline

Timeline created by Aesir
  • Annie Doak was born

    Born Meta Ann Doak, oldest daughter out of three in a very counter-culture family.
  • Annie Doak married Richard Henry Wilde Dillard

    He was her writing professor at Hollins.
  • Annie Dillard graduates from Hollins College

    Graduated with Lee Smith, a famous feminist short story author and many other future luminaries.
  • Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is published

  • Dillard wins the Pulitzer Prize

    Won it for Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, which was her 2nd book.
  • Annie divorces Richard Dillard

    However, she kept his name and his influence on her (fascination with gothic side of nature) was great.
  • Dillard is made visiting professor at Wesleyan University

    This was in Middletown, Connecticut
  • Period: to

    Scholar-in-residence at Western Washington Universtiy

    In Bellingham, Washington. Attracted by coast/mountains.
  • Period: to

    Made distinguished visiting professor again at Wesleyan