Physics history

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  • Period:
    -385 BCE
    -323 BCE


    One of his most interesting discoveries is empiricism, it says that testing is the base of the true, In perception and in sensitive knowledge.
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    Thomas Edison

    The most interesting discovery of him is the electric car, at the beginning of the 20th century. For this car, he used his nickel-iron, for the develop of the autonomous cars in Baker and Detroit electric. Then, in 1913, Ford do his prototype of electric car.
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    Nikola Tesla

    One of his most important discoveries is the coil, it was invented in 1891. It needs two coils, the primary and the secondary, both with a condenser.
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    Marie Curie

    One of her most interesting discoveries is the radio, with her husband, that send an article that says that they discovered a new chemic element, that is ninety times more radioactive than uranium. Radioactivity had been discovered by the French physicist Antoine-Henri Becquerel a few years earlier working on uranium, but Marie Curie noted that of the different minerals contained in it some were much more radioactive than others.
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    Albert Einstein

    One of the most interesting discoveries of him is the General relativity, that was published in 1915 and 1916. It describes the gravity and acceleration like different, but in a same reality.
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    Stephen Hawking

    The most interesting discovery of him are black holes, that dedicate the most of his life to discover. He taking like base a part of Einstein´s investigation in 70s to achieve a description of the evolution of black holes from quantum physics.