Phoenix College

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  • The Beginnings

    originally established as part of the Phoenix Union High School and Jr. College District
  • PCC student named Miss America

  • PCC Donna Riggs crowned Miss AZ

  • PCC joins district

  • John F. Kennedy assassinated

  • PCC open extensions

  • Dean for extensions named

  • PCC football national champs

  • PCC crowned Miss America

  • PCC selects new president

  • 18,199 total enrolled in classes

  • District college accredited

  • MCCCD bond successful

  • PCC-erects the largest telescope

  • PCC adds reflector telescope

  • SCC offers 1st classes

  • Pcc new president-William Berry

  • PCC selects new president

  • Helena Howe named 1st female president

  • Dr. John Waltrip named President

  • PC grows to 18 permanent buildings

  • PCC grows to 18 permanent buildings

  • 1st SCC president

  • MCCCD celebrates 25th anniversary

  • SMCC Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • Rio Salado Accredited

  • SCC holds groundbreaking ceremony

  • tuition increases to $5 per credit hour

  • In state rate$11 per credit hr

  • CGCC Development approved

  • Paradise Valley land purchased

  • CGCC opens new campus

  • Tuition $26 per credit hr

  • PC turns 75 yrs. old

  • student enrollment up to 220,000+

  • GCC North opens

  • PC construction of Dalby Building

  • PC softball team begins winning streak

  • President Bush visits MCC

  • PC celebrates 90 yrs.

  • PC completes Hannelly Center

  • PC one stop enrollment center and student union opens

  • PC facility member appointed mayor Stanton's Ed.policy advisor

  • Period: to

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