Personal Identity Digital Timeline Project

Timeline created by astrycharsk
  • coming into the world

    coming into the world
    I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I was born about a month early which scared my parents a little, but I'm as great as ever now which is good.
  • moving time

    moving time
    A few months after I was born my family moved to Chicago. Since my parents worked a lot my grandmother moved with us and took care of my sister and I while my parents were at work.
  • school...

    I started preschool when I was 3 years old. It was scary because I remember being one of the youngest kids in the class and since I was small everyone looked like giants.
  • kindergarten

    I didn't have the easiest time in school. I ended up going to a different school rather than staying at the school I went to for preschool. It was hard to make friends and not a lot of people liked me as a kid.
  • took up skiing

    took up skiing
    I was about 5/6 years old when my family all went to Colorado for the winter. We ended up staying in Aspen and went skiing a lot. I was really scared because I hated heights and still do. It was really fun learning nonetheless.
  • music

    I started taking lessons towards the middle of first grade. I had to beg my parents to get into music, but I am very grateful they did. I saw my sister started lessons and I wanted to learn too so I begged my parents and they said yes.
  • started traveling

    started traveling
    The first time I went to Poland was when I was in 3rd grade I think. My sister and I went by ourselves and I was really scared because it was my first time flying and didn't know what to expect. I loved visiting my family and loved the people and friends I met while I was there for the summer. This started my love for traveling.
  • became shy

    became shy
    I became shy in about 4th grade. It was the worst time of my life because I got bullied in school for being different. Everyone knew I played music. It took over my life. Kids in my grade thought it was weird how I brought music books to school and how during lunch I ate with the music teacher. I'm not ashamed of what I did. It helped me to discover and grow my love for music.
  • started skating

    started skating
    It started off small. I didn't have a chance to take up the sport because it was too expensive for my parents with all the equipment, but I begged my parents to go to the rink in the winter every weekend whenever we had the chance.
  • fell in love with being in the kitchen

    fell in love with being in the kitchen
    I was still having a hard time in school. People were still being mean and bothering me, but with being in the kitchen everything went away. I loved cooking and baking. I made something new almost every day. When I look back today I spent a lot of my parent's money on cooking supplies.
  • performed on stage for the first time

    performed on stage for the first time
    My music school threw concerts every year. I got out of it most of the time, but this year I couldn't. I have stage fright so one of the people backstage had to basically push me onto the stage. I am talented now, but at the time I was TERRIBLE. I can say that because I still watch old videos and I was bad. You would think performing fixed my stage fright, but it really didn't.
  • took a break from competitive swimming

    took a break from competitive swimming
    Gave up my lifetime sport. My coach at the time burned me out. He made me hate the sport and acted weird around our girls swim team. I saved my parents money for a few months because the fees were expensive, but I ended coming back at the start of the new school year.
  • my depression started going away

    my depression started going away
    My family ended up getting a dog in September of 2017. We instantly bonded and he has helped me so much. He makes me happier and gives me purpose. A dog is truly one's bestfriend. He listens to me when others don't and is really the only person I can perform for.
  • became friendlier

    became friendlier
    This year was tough for me mostly because it was my 8th-grade year and didn't have a lot of people that got me. I sort of changed myself and my approach towards others. I met a friend that changed me for the better and I became a lot friendlier because I had friends now instead of being alone.
  • fell into old habits

    fell into old habits
    I Became self-conscious of myself and my body. My appearance bothered me. Social Media made things worse for me because every time I opened it I was greeted with people who were perfect in my eyes. Fell into another depressive episode for about a year.
  • started working on myself

    started working on myself
    Found more to my identity. Started a new hobby which was songwriting. It kept my mind off of reality and what was happening around me. It was a way for me to express myself in a safe way.
  • found new people

    found new people
    Was apart of an amazing group of friends. COVID kind of messed it up, but at the time they were what helped me find my true self. Wasn't as sad and depressed anymore. My group of friends made me work on myself and my identity. They ultimately made me a better version of myself.
  • messed up again

    messed up again
    Fell down a bad road. Got out of a toxic relationship. Was broken for months. Even though he was toxic, I kept coming back to him because I believed he was sorry every time when he clearly wasn't.
  • got back into music

    got back into music
    Wrote and produced a whole song about my toxic relationship. It helped me see that he wasn't worth my time and music made me a happier person. Production took about a month. Never ended up posting the song, but I got good practice from it.
  • reinvented myslef

    reinvented myslef
    Became SUPER CONFIDENT with myself and ended up writing a new song and actually posted it to YouTube. It didn't get a lot of attention, but it got enough for me to be happy with. I also started working on myself and my appearance. I finally learned that I don't have to worry about other's opinions because i'm not trying to please anybody, but myself.