Perfect Girl

Timeline created by flower2119
  • Chapter 1 Pgs 1-2

    Ten min. after the bell rang a new student walks in. The teacher announces her name as Jenna Wilson. The boys drool and the girls roll their eyes as she takes her seat.
  • Chapter 2/3 Pg.s 3-14

    Ruthie explains how she met peryy gould and how she thinks Jenna is going to take him from her. Ruthie is in love with Perry Gould.
  • Chapter 4 Pg.s 15-22

    She gets home and her and her mom have a argument about ruthie being her mom's slave when she gets home. She goes to her room where she stops and talks to Mr. Arthur. He has lived with them ever since Ruthie was little. They live in Odessa, Delware.
  • Chapter 5 Pg.s 22-26

    Her and her mom went to New York the day before the fourth of july.
  • Chapter 6 Pg.s 25 21

    Chapter 6 Pg.s 25 21
    Her mom was telling her daughter about how safe it is in there state compared to other states.
  • Chapter 7 Pg.s 32-40

    They got to New Yourk and met up with her aunt Marty.Aunt Marty took her around New York and Ruthie decides she w3ants to move here, but her mother wouldnt allow it.
  • Chapter 8 Pg.s 41-47

    Chapter 8 Pg.s 41-47
    Her mo and Ruthie pack up the car and get ready to leave nut her mom notices Ruthie's new sandals. Her mom said "This isnt a vacation and i want you to give them back." but Ruthie wasnt going to. So her and her mom fought about why shouldnt keep all the stuff dhe got from New Yourk.
  • Chapter 9 Pg.s 48-49

    Ruthie calls her aunt and tells her everything that happened. Then her aunt feels bad and wants ruthie to come live out there but Ruthie's mom would never allow it.