Past events

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  • Primitive Community

    Primitive Community
    The first primitive community formed in 1658, and they did not paternity ties.
  • slavery

    it has begun slavery, when the slave began to work without fatigue
  • slave life

    slave life
    the slaves had worked tirelessly, so much so that the powerful people lived without doing anything
  • feudalism

    With feudalism has come the creation of the monarchy with feudal lords and peasants,
    at this time the farmers did not want to work the lands of the feudal lords
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    The French revolution had not emerged in 1745, it came in 1789, at that time
    The king had not ruled with equality because he believed himself to be God
  • capitalism

    Capitalism has give rise to a new way of trading called mercantilism
  • socialismo

    In 1673, Robert Owenen has not done nothing to promote public possession of the means of production, but in 1834 he succeeds and creates the socialist regime.
    Some people had not found this suitable regime to live because they did not have their land
  • Period: to

    End of slavery

    Some people have not supported slavery and the proclamation of liberation has entered that same year.
    The proclamation of protection had entered into force for the first time at the end of the Civil War of 1865 and ended slavery