P90x, 90 day boot camp completion

Timeline created by MaceyB
  • Organize a Regimine

    Organize a Regimine
    Find out where to start in the videos strength, I also need to organize a healthy eating guide that will provide the best nutrition and enough calories for my new lifestyle. Print off 90 day workout calender.
  • Gettin Started!

    Gettin Started!
    Six Days a week, i will work out before school using P90x assorted videos (video 1-2) along with exercises from previous knowledge and internetTake "before" photo. I will also practice my stretching with yoga. ( the bigger muscles are the less flexible they want to be)
  • Checking Progress!

    Checking Progress!
    Measure the muscle mass gained or the fat loss per inch. Asess the progress made by how much i can now do, pushups, situps, running time etc. (update photos)
  • Adding the weights!

     Adding the weights!
    Move up to the higher strenght video (3-4) and begin my intensified training.
  • Maintain

    keep up the good work. Work on keeping with the schedule and eating healthfully.
  • Be Awesomly Fit!

    Be Awesomly Fit!
    Be buff and stuff, go lift heavy things and tear up trees, boast about awesomeness, workl on carrot top impression. Take "after" photo.