Millard Fillmore NS

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  • Dad

    Father: Nathaniel Fillmore he died on 3/28/1863
  • mother

    Mother: Phoebe Millard she died on 5/5/1831
  • Birthdate

    Born in Finger, Lakes New York
  • Fillmore was a member of the New York Militia

    Fillmore was  a member of the New York Militia
    served as Inspector of New York's 47th Brigade with the rank of Major.
  • Married

    He married his first wife Abigail Fillmore
  • Son

    He had a son called Millard Powers Fillmore
  • Anti-Masonic party

    Anti-Masonic party
    He joined the Anti-Masonic party
  • Whig party

    Whig  party
    his first political party was that he joined the Whig Party
  • He had a daughter

    He had a daughter
    Mary Abigail “Abbie” Fillmore
  • President Zachary Taylor died

    President Zachary Taylor died
    died from a bacterial infection of the small intestine
  • Millard Fillmore was inaugurated

    Millard Fillmore was inaugurated
    he became president when Zachary Taylor died
  • Fillmore supports Compromise of 1850

    Fillmore supports Compromise of 1850
    he promised to helped stall the Southern secessionist movement, his efforts to unite the Whigs behind the Compromise failed, in large part because of the Fugitive Slave Law. Antislavery Whigs, who thought the law unjust, refused to support Fillmore for President in the 1852.
  • California becomes a state

    California becomes a state
    after long year President Millard Fillmore finally decided to make California a state
  • Fugitive Slave Bill

    Fugitive Slave Bill
    he made a new law
  • Compromise of 1850 passes

    Compromise of 1850 passes
    This big law was passed with the senate
  • Brigham Young becomes governor

    Brigham Young becomes governor
    he won the governor in Utah
  • National women's rights convention

    National women's rights convention
    There was a big protest for woman rights in October
  • Treaty with El Salvador

    Treaty with El Salvador
    This was a special law passed for Mexicans
  • Three-cent coins produced

    Three-cent coins produced
    he three-Cent silver piece was initially produced with 75 percent silver and 25 percent copper in order to try to discourage the melting of the coins for their silver content. These silver coins, sometimes referred to as “fish scales,” are the smallest coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint.
  • Gold discovered in Oregon

    Gold discovered in Oregon
    People decided to move to Oregon because of the gold
  • Franklin Pierce won governor

     Franklin Pierce won governor
    He won governor in New York after defeating Franklin Peirce
  • Marx published in New York Tribune

    Marx published in New York Tribune
    Marx published in New York Tribune
  • Democrats gain house seats

    Democrats gain house seats
    They won the house on the year before election
  • Franklin Pierce elected President

    Franklin Pierce elected President
    He won after defeating Millard Fillmore on election day
  • Washington state territory formed

    Washington state territory formed
    Washington was found but was not a state yet
  • Pierce appoints James Campbell

    Pierce appoints James Campbell
    James Campbell was pronounced governor in Philadelphia
  • Abigail Fillmore died

    Abigail Fillmore died
    She died by the disease called Typhoid
  • His daughter dies

    His daughter dies
    she died from an issue with her lungs
  • Know Nothing party

    Know Nothing party
    he joined the Know Nothing Party
  • Democratic party

    Democratic party
    he had joined the Democratic party
  • Millard Fillmore 2nd Wife

    Millard Fillmore 2nd Wife
    He gets married to Caroline Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore
  • Millard Fillmore died

    Millard Fillmore died
    the reason he died was because he suffered a stroke