Noam Chomsky born December 7, 1928

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  • Fascism

    At 10 years old Noam Chomsky wrote an article for his school newspaper about the fall of Barcelona to Francisco Franco's forces and the rise of was near the end of the Spanish civil war and the Fascist forces had just taken Barcelona. the article was about the spread of fascism around Europe and Nazi influence, he describes it as very frightening.
  • The Responsibility of Intellectuals

    The Responsibility of Intellectuals
    During the war in Viet Nam word got around of the significant violations of human rights that were taking place, this prompted Chomsky to write This article. it was about how we have been taught to obey authority without question.
    This put Chomsky in the spotlight and was widely considered one of America's leading intellectuals of the time. "It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies"
  • Manufacturing Consent

    Manufacturing Consent
    Manufacturing Consent is about how "free" people are being controlled by a form of propaganda that follows the same model as the communist propaganda. he lists the 5 filters which are
    1. Ownership and profit orientation
    2. funding via advertising
    3. over reliance on 'official' sources
    4. 'flak' targeting the media
    5. the need to engage a common enemy
  • Hegemony or Survival

    Hegemony or Survival
    In his book Hegemony of survival he questions the USA's intentions in getting involved in wars. he believes that those in charge are leading America into a type of world domination through a process "called the imperial grand strategy’" and through doing so has violated the same basic rights they claim to support and respect.

    Apparently Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez highly recommended the book.
  • Coronavirus - What is at stake?

    Coronavirus - What is at stake?
    In this Recent interview, a unfamiliar grey and wrinkled Chomsky talks about the corona virus and how it has effected us. he talks about "much greater horrors approaching" specifically about nuclear war, global warming and the deterioration of democracy. he claims the only way to over come the crisis is by "the public taking control of their fate." he also touches on the wartime language, the misuse of social media and what should be done.