Noam Chomsky: 07 December 1928-Present

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  • Birth

    Known as the "Father of Modern Linguistics" Noam Chomksky is known for American Linguistics, being apolitical activist, and a major figure in analytical philosophy.
  • Attended the University of Pennsylvania.

    There were no major upcoming events in his life till he attended university. When he attended the University of Pennsylvania he majored in Linguistics.
  • Graduated the University of Pennsylvania

    Not only did he graduate from U. Penn. after while working on his doctorates he also began teaching at MIT. During this time while he was teaching he introduced many grammar theories into linguistics. He also had many theories as to why younger children could learn different languages faster than adults and this was due to our brains developing over time and not being able to pick up the different parameters in different languages.
  • Published

    "The Responsibility of Intellectuals."
    This was published in "The New York Review of Books" and this was partly in due because of the Vietnam war.
  • Co-Author

    Noam co-authored in an article questioning the credibility of the reporting atrocities.
  • Signing a Petition

    Noam signed a petition to support free speech.
  • Present Day

    Currently Noam is still alive at the age of 91 and overall gave a theory and standardized view on grammar and how modern day linguistics works and reformed it as well. Co-creating the universal grammar theory was one of his greatest achievements.
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