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  • First President Of an insurance company in Nigeria.

    He launched T.A. Braithwaite Insurance Brokers & Co. They introduced many new fields, to Nigeria, of Marine Insurance and Life Assurance Underwriting.
  • Creation of Spider-man

    Despite the controversy of his creation and the initial decline of his publishing. Comic book icon Stan Lee made the spider-man, a relatable superhero that appealed to teenagers
  • Moon landing

    Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, which he took a 3-hour stroll on.
  • assassination of murtala

    At the age of 37 this military leader was assassinated in an abortive coup attempt led by Lt. Col Buka Suka Dimka, when his car was ambushed en route to his office at Dodan Barracks, Lagos.
  • Launch of the Disney channel

    Good Morning, Mickey, a Disney original was the first show to premiere on Disney's new channel
  • Muhammad Ali health problems

    Muhammad Ali's health starts to deteriorate when he develops Parkinson's disease. Putting his amazing career in conflict with his life
  • Buhari being overthrown from military rule.

    In a coup led by General Babangida, Buhari was overthrown. From there he was kept in a cell with access to tv for.
  • Soyinka wins nobel prize for literature

    Wole won the Nobel prize for literature making him the first african writer to achieve this.
  • The creation of the 500 naira note

    The 500 Naira note was introduced in 2001, and shows the engraved portrait of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The back shows a picture of an offshore oil rig