Nickelodeon Logo History

Timeline created by MilesCanady
  • Pinwheel

    The original logo of the Pinwheel Network, which was Nickelodeon before it became what it is today. It was a commercial-free children's network. It eventually became defunct in favor of Nickelodeon.
  • Bowler Hat logo

    Bowler Hat logo
    This logo of a man with a bowler hat looking into a nickelodeon machine debuted in 1979. Pinwheel became a block on the channel and more shows were added. 1979 was also the official year the channel launched.
  • Text-only logo

    Text-only logo
  • Colored/ball logo

    Colored/ball logo
    In 1981, a new logo with a silver ball and more colorful letters debuted. This showed the channel going in a funner direction that before. This also marked a rebrand for the network.
  • Orange logo

    Orange logo
    The channel switched to a logo closer to the one we have now in 1984. Around this time, Nickelodeon became it's own 24-hour channel as well.
  • Splatter logo

    Splatter logo
    In 2002, different variations of organge splatters with the Nick text became the logo.
  • White/orange logo

    White/orange logo
    Nick debuted this version of the logo in 2003. This noticeably has a shortened version of the name.
  • Splat logo (2006-2009)

    Splat logo (2006-2009)
    In 2006, a simplified version of the Splatter logo debuted on the channel. This version also had a definitive splatter background.
  • Flat text logo

    Flat text logo
    In September 2009, Nickelodeon debuted it's first new logo in years, wanting to create a more unified look with it's other new channels. This caused controversy among viewers, as they were surprised or outraged over the change.
  • Flat logo w/ depth

    Flat logo w/ depth
    This version of the logo debuted at the end of shows in 2010. It has more depth than the original version of the flat logo.