News stories

Timeline created by Paul.Raupers17
  • Train accident killed 7 people in new york

    A lady had gotten out of her car after the bar had dropped on her car and got back in and tried to get out before the train and the train cars caught fire leaving 6 dead and more seriously injured
  • Plane in taiwan had hit a bridge then flew into a river killing 23 people

    Tawian plane had hit a bridge clipping the wing then also had flew into a river killing 23 people
  • Plane forced to land after odor is smelled

    A plane had to make an emergency landing because he had smelled a gas like odor in the plane
  • Boston snowfall is unimaginable

    Boston has gotten 70 to 80 inches of snowfall in 2 weeks of the weather being bad
  • Three students killed at unc

    A man had went up to three muslim kids that were at a school and had shot them the man was charged with murder