New technology

Timeline created by Yolo_NERD17
  • Apple

    site NO WINDOWS
  • Wi-fi was invented

    Wi-fi was invented
    Wifi Stuff we still use it today
  • Ebay was born

    Ebay was born Never used it
  • Netflix was released

    Netflix was released
    Site I dont have it but I watch it at my neighbors all the time
  • Google

  • First Xbox Gaming System

    First Xbox Gaming System
    Xbox Site The thing was and still is the best
  • Facebook

    Facebook I have one
  • Gmail

    Gmail Login
    Gmail was releaed to the public
  • The Wii Gaming System

    The Wii Gaming System
    Newest Wii System I got My first Wii in 2008 and we still have it
  • Youtube

    Youtube Watch it every day