nets of cuboides and other shapes

Timeline created by 12215watkiss
  • recognise and draw nets

  • accurate nets of cubiodes

  • did the homework which was o draw accurte nets /open top box

  • updating our timeline on timetoast

  • we did plans and elevations

  • homework plans and elevations

    we had to think of a cubiod and draw the side front and the plan of the cubiod that was in our had
  • homework

    we had to glue all our sheets in our book and and to update timetoast
  • to reflect polygons horizontally, vertagly and diagonally in labelled lines of reflection

    today we reflected shapes to make words using the shapes thae we reflected
  • homework

    we had to reflect shapes and translate shapes.
    also we did vectors .
  • work in class

    in class we did some vectors and we translated which means moved the shapes to make a word.
  • enlargement

    we r enlageing some triangles and squares .
  • enlarge shapes from the centre of enlargements

    we did enlargement with scale factors to make the shape bigger
  • enlargements with centre frations

    we did fractions to make the shape smaller
  • enlargements to make words

    we had to do the enlargements to make the words