Nelson Mandela

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  • event one

    event one
    Nelson Mandela is born in South Africa.
  • event two

    event two
    Mandela joins the African National Congress (ANC), a political party.
  • event three

    event three
    The South African government introduces a ssytem of laws called apartheid.
  • event four

    event four
    protesters are killed in a demonstration, and the ANC becomes an illegal organization.
  • event five

    event five
    Mandela and others activists are arrested.
  • event six

    event six
    he goes to trial and receives a life sentence.
  • event seven

    event seven
    he spends 27 years in prison. people protest and he is finally released.
  • event eight

    event eight
    he wins the nobel peace prize.
  • event nine

    event nine
    all black people can vote for the first time, and Mandela becomes the president.
  • event ten

    event ten
    Mandela retires from politics.