Naveen Ramesh- 1.2 Extra Credit Timeline Assignment

Timeline created by navram1
  • Plankalkul

    Plankalkul was developed by Konrad Zuse. This language allowed for the creation of procedures, while storing chunks of code. It was the first high-level programming language developed for a computer. Plankalkul is a German word meaning "Plan Calculus."
  • Fortran

    Fortran was invented by John Backus, but originally developed by IBM in the 1950s. Fortran is a programming language used for numeric computation and scientific computing. Fortran is an abbreviation for Formula Translation.

    MATH-MATIC was developed by a team led by Charles Katz and Grace Hopper. MATH-MATIC was used as an early programming language for the UNIVAC I and UNIVAC II. It's a marketing name for AT-3 (Algebraic Translator 3) compiler.
  • RPG

    RPG was developed by IBM. It's a high-level programming language used for business applications. RPG stands for: Report Program Generator.

    COBOL was developed by a group of programmers, including Grace Hopper. COBOL is designed for business use. It's also used in finance and administrative systems for companies and governments. COBOL stands for: COmmon Business-Oriented Language.
  • Lisp

    Lisp was developed by John McCarthy. It was created as a mathematical notation for computer programs. It was mainly used Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and other forms of advanced programming. Lisp is an acronym for list processing.
  • Basic

    Basic was developed by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. It was developed to provide a way for students to write simple computer programs. Basic stands for: Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
  • LOGO

    LOGO was developed by Wally Feurzeig, Cynthia Solomon, and Seymour Papert. LOGO is used for generating basic shapes using a turtle cursor. It also teaches kids step by step instructions for basic programming of computers. The name Logo was coined by Feurzeig from the Greek word "logos" meaning word or thought.
  • B

    B was developed by Ken Thompson. B is used for non-numeric applications such as system programming. This includes complex logical decision-making operations. B is derived from the name "BCPL."

    PASCAL was developed by Niklaus Wirth. PASCAL is a program used to define complex structured data types and to build dynamic and recursive data structures. PASCAL is named after a French mathematician, philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal.
  • C

    C was developed Dennis Ritchie. C is used for system-level programming, in order to provide low-level access to memory and language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions. It's also used as an imperative procedural language. The letter "C" stands for combined.
  • ML

    ML was developed by Robin Milner. ML is used in programming language research, as well as in the development of theorem provers. ML stands for- Meta Language.
  • SQL

    SQL was developed by Raymond Boyce and Donald Chamberlin. SQL is used to communicate with a database, and to perform tasks such as update data on database. SQL stands for: Structured Query Language.
  • ADA

    ADA was developed by Jean Ichbiah and S. Tucker Taft. ADA is widely used in critical systems, and many defense-related systems. ADA improves code safety and maintainability. ADA is named after Ada Lovelace.
  • Python

    Python was developed by Guido van Rossum. Python is used as a "scripting language," for web applications. It helps automate specific series of tasks, making it more efficient. Rossum called this program "Python" because he wanted a name that was short, unique, and slightly mysterious.
  • Visual Basic

    Visual Basic was developed by Alan Cooper. Visual Basic is a computer programming language used to automate repetitive word and data-processing functions. The name "Visual Basic" is derived from BASIC.
  • Java

    Java was developed by James Gosling. Java is used as the server-side language for most back-end development projects. It's commonly used for desktop computing. This program was named Java from Java coffee, which is famous in Indonesia.
  • Javascript

    JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich. JavaScript is a text-based programming language used by both clients and servers. It allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve the user experience. The name comes from a co-marketing deal between Netscape and Sun.
  • PHP

    PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is a popular scripting language program used to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • Delphi

    Delphi was developed by Anders Hejlsberg. Delphi is a programming language and an integrated development environment for rapid application development of desktops and computers. Delphi is also called Object Pascal.
  • C++

    C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is used for procedural programming for intensive functions of CPU and to provide control over hardware. It's also used to develop the suites of a game tool. The name "C++" means 'increment C by 1.'