Natalie Medina

Timeline created by nataliemedina
  • Birth

    Born in Mesa, Arizona
  • Kindergarten-5th

    Attended Peralta Trail Elementry School.
  • AJ is born

    AJ my brother is born.
  • Welcomed Erica home

    Welcomed Erica home
    Adopted my sister Erica Gresham.
  • New Brother

    JC my brother Was born on Feb. 2nd
  • Scar face

    Scar face
    Got my first stiches and now I have a scar.
  • First musical

    First musical
    Gamage teen performance.
  • Moved to Oceanside, CA

    Moved to Oceanside, CA
  • Middle school

    Middle school
  • High school: Freshman year

    High school: Freshman year
  • First basketball team

    First basketball team
  • Moved back to Arizona

    Moved back to Arizona
  • Bayer Medina

    Bayer Medina
    Got my Australian Sheperd Bayer.
  • High school: Sophmore

    High school: Sophmore
    I started sophmore year at El Camino high school.Then I moved to Arizona and I now attend Mesquite high school.
  • Rosie

    I got my puppy Rosie.