Timeline created by tmurphy23
  • Pioneer IV

    The first lunar fly-by is conducting.
    The USA is on the leading edge of space abilties. Even though it was unmanned, we are partially victorious over the USSR. Th USSR has not done this yet, but they have also done other things that we have not.We are working hard, but we have already won a minor victory.
  • Telstar I

    NASA launches the first private/communications satellite.
    The USA is confident enough to launch satellites for private owners. We are very proud. We have finally accomplished something that the USSR has not, so we have won some ground against the USSR in the Space Race.
  • Surveyor I

    Surveyor I lands on the moon.
    The USA has successfully sent its first moon lander to the moon.It sends back more than 10,000 photographs. We are doing well in the Space Race, and we have almost reached the moon.The USSR is still behind us in the Space Race.
  • Nimbus VII

    The first enviromental research research satellite for the Antarctic ozone layer is launched.
    We can now use off-planet research satellites for on-planet research (or something like it).We can keep one eye on the skies as well as one beyond. We are still acting as the leading party in this race.
  • First Space Shuttle

    The Space Shuttle Columbia is launched.
    The first reusable spacecraft is launched ino space by the USA. This means that the USA is on the leading edge of technology.We are proud because we have gone a lot farther than the USSR in space technologies. In other words, Go USA!