My vacations in life

Timeline created by Abothwell
  • Labor day

    We celabrated labor day.
  • red rock

    It was fun we seen a american eagale and we got a claim too
  • bufflo

    I seen a lot of bufflo
  • custer park

    We wes suroded by bufflo
  • When we figured out

    It was after school and me and my BFF .We were supose to get picked up. Instead w went on a scaventer hunt. The secreatary of the elematery gave us this note. It had a rime on it So we falded the rime. We found a nother one and when we came to the last rime we went and found our mom. we ended up on the parking lot in front of the track. My mom wavede a mickey hand at us. Then we new that we were going to disney world. For early hallaween .
  • Epcot

    we went to epcot and road rides and walked around the world show case. It was really fun.
  • Magic kindom

    We road a ride called seven drafts mine train and it was really fun we went on splash mountain to and we got really wet.
  • Hallaween party

    We went trick or treating it was fun
  • Animal kindom

    We went on a safie and seen really fun animals. Then we went to a resteruant that was irish and there was irish dancers I danced. My best friend dance to. We mayde a deal that i had to ride MT.Everest a rolacoster and i said fine.
  • Animal kindom

  • We seen

    Gysores at yellow stone and it was fun
  • M frist time to diney world

    it was fun we seen a lot of new thing !
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  • Period: to


    It was fun we went to red rock
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    2008 disney world

  • Period: to

    South dakota

  • Period: to

    Flordia vaction