Timeline created by iker sagarna vitiker
  • I was born

    on 28 of april of 2006 i was born in txagorritxu
  • I learned to walk

    in 2007 I learned to walk in the square of my town
  • My first birthday

    On 28 of april of 2007 I celebrated my first birthday
  • my first day of kindergarten

    I started kindergarten when I was a year and a half
  • when I left Spain for the first time

    When I was 2 years old I left Spain for the first time, I went to Portugal
  • when i got on a bike for the first time

    in 2008 I rode a bike for the first time
  • my first pet

    in 2011 we did a lottery at school and I touched a fish, and this was my first "pet"
  • I broke my arm

    In 2012 I broke my arm riding a scooter in Legutio
  • I climbed my first mountain

    in 2013 i climbed my first mountain with my mother
  • My first Halloween

    when i was 9 years old i went to my first halowen to elosu
  • when i went to cuba

    in 2017 i went to cuba because my parents had just got married
  • the second time I broke my arm

    en 2017 me rompi por segunda vez pero esta vez fue mas frave y tube que llevar escayola por dos meses
  • my trip to morocco

    at the end of 2019 i went to morocco with my parents
  • Period: to

    the confinement

    On March 9, the pandemic began and they had to confine us until June 17
  • I changed house

    in June we moved to another house