JW's Timeline

Timeline created by JustRuth
  • Justine's maternal grandfather is born

  • Justine's maternal grandmother is born

  • Justine's paternal grandfather is born

  • Justine's paternal grandmother is born

  • Justine's father is born (in Alabama)

  • Justine's mother is born (in Illinois)

  • Justine's paternal grandfather leaves family

    he is not heard from again
  • Justine's father marries first wife

  • Justine's half-brother is born

  • Justine's father's 1st marriage ends

  • Justine's father's brother dies

    in a drowning accident
  • Justine's father joins Foreign Service

    first post is India
  • Justine's father marries 2nd wife

  • Justine's mother travels to Bratislava for Fulbright fellowship

  • Justine's mother and father meet in Prague, Czechoslovakia

  • Justine's father's 2nd marriage ends

  • Justine's maternal grandfather dies

    without knowing Justine's mother is engaged to be married
  • Justine's parents get married

    Justine's maternal grandmother refuses to acknowledge the marriage and does not attend the ceremony
  • Justine is born in Vienna, AU

    Parents were living in Slovenia, but traveled to AU for better hospitals
  • Justine and parents return to Slovenia

  • Justine's maternal grandmother accepts Justine's father

    after she sees Justine for the first time
  • Justine and parents move

    to Washington DC
  • Justine's brother is born

    in Washington, DC
  • Justine's family moves to Holland

  • Justine's half brother gets married

    adopts new wife's two sons from her previous marriage
  • Justine's family moves to US

  • Justine meets her 1st best friend

  • Justine starts Grade School

  • Justine's (half) nephew is born

  • Justine's family moves to Prague, Czech Republic

  • Justine's maternal grandmother moves to Prague

    to live with Justine and family. Her memory begins to worsen as a result of Alzheimers disease
  • Justine's grandmother moves back to US

    Alzheimers disease progresses and Justine's grandmother needs higher level of care
  • Justine's family moves back to US

  • Justine begins 8th grade in US

  • Justine starts dating 1st boyfriend

  • Justine meets DB

    become very close friends, are inseparable from now, through high school
  • Justine and 1st boyfriend break up

  • Justine travels to France

    with brother to stay with friends for four weeks
  • Justine's mother begins teaching at Georgetown Univ

  • Justine starts high school

  • Justine's father retires from Foreign Service

  • Justine transfers to a different high school

  • Justine's mother quits teaching at Georgetown Univ

  • Justine's maternal grandmother dies

    Justine is not able to attend the funeral due to school
  • Justine gets her 1st job

    as a sales associate, working at Fanny May Candies
  • Justine graduates from high school

  • Justine begins college

  • Justine leaves Fanny May Candies

    when store location closes. Justine completes the final end-of-day report and locks the store for the last time.
  • Justine transfers to GMU

  • Justine's friendship with DB ends

  • Justine has surgery on TMJ

  • Left side of Justine's face becomes paralyzed

    as a result of complications following surgery
  • Justine sees specialist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital

    and learns paralysis is permanent
  • Justine notices tiny muscle movement

    on left side of face and begins physical therapy
  • Justine regains ability to smile

    80% muscle movement and 85% sensation return to left side of Justine's face
  • Justine graduates from college

    earns a BA in psychology
  • Justine moves out of parent's house

    moves to RVA
  • Justine begins 1st Full Time job

    residential counselor in a group home for adolescent males
  • Justine's brother graduates from college

  • Justine quits Residential Counselor position

  • Justine moves back home

  • Justine begins job at psychiatric hospital

  • Justine leaves job at psychiatric hospital

  • Justine returns to school

    to become a certified substance abuse counselor
  • Justine graduates from certificate program

  • Justine begins job at addiction treatment program

    as substance abuse counselor
  • Justine meets SGA

  • Justine's 1st date with SGA

  • Justine becomes a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

    after completing supervision hours and exam
  • Justine begins graduate school

    at Aspen University
  • Justine's paternal grandmother dies

    Justine is not able to attend funeral because school has just started
  • Justine gets engaged to SGA

  • Justine moves in with SGA

  • Justine & SGA move to new apt

  • Justine travels to Prague

    with mother, father, and brother for the first time since leaving in 1998
  • Justine returns from Prague

  • Justine leaves job at addiction tx facility

  • Justine begins new job

    as a part-time office assistant at a private group psychotherapy practice
  • Justine & SGA move to a new condo