my story

Timeline created by seif884
  • my birth

    my birth
    i was brought into the world
  • came to egypt

    came to egypt
    my homeland and i miss it so
  • started school

    started school
    this my schools logo and im still sad i left it
  • broke my first bone

    broke my first bone
    it hurt so badly i was crying for hours but i broke while i was on a bouncy castle I was jumping really high i tried to jump over the side but i fell and broke my wrist for 1 month and 2 weeks
  • lost my first tooth

    lost my first tooth
    the tooth fairy came and got my tooth but it turns out it was my parents who took it and gave the money
  • i got lost in dubai for 5 hours

    i got lost in dubai for 5 hours
  • first birthday party

  • grandfather died

  • first time to canada

    first time to canada
    first time in a place i have never heard of or seen
  • graduated elementery school (5th grade)

  • finished 7 th grade

  • left egypt and came to canada