My English Journey - Mary Tuang

Timeline created by marytuang
  • Introduced to English Language

    The first time I learn English was when I was in middle school in Burma. It was excited about reading with large ABC, number learning pictures books. It was a positive experience for me.
  • Learn to Appreciate English

    My daddy began reading bible story to me in English every night. I really enjoy reading with my daddy and it was very positive experience.
  • Starting English Essays in High School

    Developing confidence in speaking English. I learned how to read and write essays and improve my English skills. I reads about essays grammar book. Sometimes I lost interest in the book.
  • Began Taking ESL

    I came to Georgia, United State. I'm start taking ESL classes to improve my American English. My teacher gave basic reading paragraph in school.
  • Move to Maryland

    I took additional ESL classes at Howard Community College. My teacher handed out magazines I had a negative experience. I didn't understand some vocabulary from the magazines.
  • Learning Curriculum

    I am started working as a preschool teacher at Tabernacle Christian Center. I was reading lesson plans every day for my students. I was reading Abeka bible curriculum that was very interesting for me.
  • Careers Certification

    I took Child Development classes at Howard Community College. I was challenged and learning so much in my careers. Reading text books for assignment such as " Development Profiles Pre- Birth through adolescence by Lynn R. Marotz and K. Eileen Allen.
  • Credit Classes

    I began taking speaking and writing, reading credit classes at Howard Community College, and prepare for Early childhood Education. I really enjoyed reading, " The Great Gatsby" novel book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Continued Early Childhood Education

    I was so excited for my major in Education Classes. I want to be become a great teacher. But I don't have to read any novel books because I am working full time job in preschool. Currently I enjoyed reading children books everyday at my work.