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  • Birth

    My first ever present bought by my grandmother. Ive loved all my life.
  • 1 year of age

    1 year of age
    When I was one i got a giraffe as a present. I have had him for many years now.
  • 2 years of age

    2 years of age
    My little brother was born and brought into the world in 2008
  • 3 years of age

    3 years of age
    My mum gave me this american teddy bear with moving arms and legs. I have had him ever since.
  • 4 years of age

    4 years of age
    My sister was born and grew up in the fisher family.
  • 5 years of age

    5 years of age
    I got Oh when I was five and I was on holiday. My mum and dad too me to the shops and got me Oh.
  • 6 years of age

    6 years of age
    My youngest sister was born. She is four years old now and very funny.
  • 7 years of age

    7 years of age
    When I was seven I went to the Melbourne show with my brother and parents. My brother got two little toys and I got a giant Mickey Mouse.
  • 8 years of age

    8 years of age
    When I was eight I went to the zoo and my mum bought me a Tasmanian devil.
  • 9 years of age

    9 years of age
    Made some new friends and got to know them.
  • 10 years of age

    10 years of age
    For Christmas I got a furby and played with it every day until it went flat.
  • 11 years of age

    11 years of age
    When I was younger I got a Christmas Pudding. But my parents put it away and forgot about it. Then when I was eleven my parents found it and it could still run around like it was in a race. I named him Chris - Mas Pudding
  • 12 years of age

    12 years of age
    For my twelve birthday my mum and dad got me a TCL TV with Netflix on it. I also have Stan.
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