My life( jose c)

Timeline created by jacamacho5
  • BirTH

    the day i jose angel camacho was born
  • going to kinder

    the day i became a scholar and when i meet my best friend
  • going to mexico

    i cant really remember this trip but all i know is that i had a good time
  • rio school district event

    it was some event that i competed in and won
  • Christmas

    i feel like every Christmas is great but i liked this one more because it was the year we had a huge party with friends and family
  • mexico

    i traveled to mexico with my family and it was very fun but for like 1 week i had mosquito bites all over my body and the mosquito only targeted me
  • middle school

    i had fun doing the sports in the school and also met a bunch of my friends
  • camp

    my middle school was small enough that our whole 8th grade class went camping and it was very fun
  • universal studios

    i went to universal studios with my best friend and his family
  • going to ace

    i met some more friends and also freshmen year was most likely the funnest year yet
  • college

    i took a summer college class and i learned a lot about the automotive industry
  • movies

    me and some friends watched venom and since i dont go to the movies to often it was very fun
  • xbox

    i got an xbox and met a handful of friends and reconnected with some as well
  • universal studios

    i went to universal studios again with the same people
  • six flags

    i went to six flags with my best friends for like 12 hours
  • college part 2

    i took the second part off the class i took the previous year and it was very fun because it was the hands on portion and i had a great teacher