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  • Awesomly smart baby

    Awesomly smart baby
    (when i was just a wee little lad thankfully my eyes shrunk back to normal) I was born in an american army base in gremany and lived there till i was like 1. Then we pcsed. (baby's log #1 after 9 diffcult months of travel from the reachs of space i arived here on this harsh rock named earth.
  • im growin up

    im growin up
    my first words ( Baby's log #148 As i explore this fascinating new world world it apears the native have accepted me as one of thier own, although i have yet to comunicate with them i am still hopeful). DAAAAAAAAAAAAddaaaadaaaadaaddaaaaadaaadaaadadddddaaaaaaaaaddaaaaaaaa dada
  • A bad time

    A bad time
    Baby's log #359 almost 3 years have past and there is troble already we have moved alot these years to one place then to anouther and back agian. This is turning extremlly diffacult to hide my idenity from the natives at all costs to protect my self and my race. there was quiet a distubence in the minds of these Humans as i saw images of one of their large high stuctures burning and other images of a oddly shaped one as well.
  • a hard desion

    baby log # 1826 i have dicided to make a history of the things i have done and erase my memory this is my last log it has become to dangerous to have full knowlage around humans it is the only way to move forward with my life and reseach. So this is good bye.

    This was when i devolped my love for reading i just read and read an this is where i learned math though it was always really easy and so was sience. writing was hard. It always looked like a diffrent languge.
  • a little bit nuts

    a little bit nuts
    i went a little nuts this year and counted evey book i read and i still had the paperof how many books i read that year and i got over 300 read and not little baby books . i mean high school and middle school level.
  • It's the end of the world as we know it

     It's the end of the world as we know it
    all this talk of the end of the world is stupid. The world is doomed already. We took all most all the trees, we are running out of water,there are 1000's of knew virus and bactria that are alive to day, the temputure is risesing fast, and we are at each other's thoats with wepons that would kill us all.
  • Now

    i still like books, i have 3 siblings, i have seen how much it hurts for a man to be hit in the nuts 2 times by a foot ball player in high school with a plastic base ball bat, i have seen someone discoect and reconet thier elbow in less than a secound while swiming, i have seen what a fork can do to a finger, i have seen the dark side of parenting and what it can do to kids.i have seen how stupid this goverment is. I have seen a lot but not all.
  • saint jhons menal hospital

    Pacient report: name:alex abling
    dob 525 1999
    doe 525 2039
    resons: alien belifm, Speacking giberish, knolage of anvaced flight travel, repat of number #1826
    Payment from family