My life

Timeline created by Sofia Arteaga
  • My born.

    My born.
    I had been born, in the police hospital.
  • My first birthday.

    My first birthday.
    I had played with my cousins, I had very amused and ate a lot of sweets.
  • My first halloween.

    My first halloween.
    I had put on the costume since the afternoon, I liked my costume.
  • My baptism.

    My baptism.
    I had been with my family because i had shared with me, in my baptism.
  • My first year of school.

    My first year of school.
    I had scared because hadn`t friends.
  • My first communion.

    My first communion.
    I had been happy because I liked my dress and I had been with my friends.
  • Born of my nephew.

    Born of my nephew.
    I had nerves to make everything go well, we look forward to it with much love and affection
  • I met the sea

    I met the sea
    I had surprised because it was the first time I saw the sea and it was beautiful.
  • My 15 years

    My 15 years
    I had excited because it was a very special day and I shared it with all my family and friends.
  • My 16th birthday

    My 16th birthday
    I had excited because I shared with my family regardless of the bad time we are going through.