my life

Timeline created by reinerizzy
  • when i was born

  • Period: to

    lenght of my ife

  • 1st b day

    my first birthday yaay
  • lost my first tooth

    i lost my fist tooth i was so happy i got 4 bucks woohoo!!!
  • got my fist horse

    i got my first horse named miss kitty. she got attacked by a cougar when she was 8 months old
  • sleepover

    i had my very first sleepover but it didnt go well my friend left at 1 am she was home sick
  • my 10th birthday

    my tenth birthday was awesome it was the biggest birthday party i had
  • baby horse

    miss kitty had her foal!!!
  • horse show

    i went to my first horse show in prince george
  • got a new horse

    got one of the best horses in the world
  • dog died

    my dog sako died. she was a german shepherd she was a very good dog.
  • oklahoma

    i went to oklahoma to see my sister ride in the worlds .... im going this year
  • grade 7

    the first year at glenmary
  • meet justin bieber

    i will go to my irst justin bieber concert
  • sweet 16

    i will have an awesome sweet 16 with a whole bunch of people and lots of junk food.

    i will graduate and my dress will be beautiful :)
  • go to university

    i will go to university to be a laywer
  • become a defense lawyer

    i will become a defense lawyer
  • marrie justin bieber

    me and justin will fall in love and get married
  • birth of my child

    me and justin will have our first child,freddy.
  • have jb junior

    me and justin will have justin junior
  • actresse in a movie as a lawyer

    i will be in a worlds best movie of the year as a laywer
  • go to my moms funeral

    my mother will die and i will go to her funeral
  • retire

    i will retire. and have alot of money and go on long vacations
  • 60 jb dies in car crash

    justin bieber will die because a drunk driver hit him.
  • when i die

    i will die