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  • 400

    the first cheese

    According to an ancient legend, it was made accidentally by an Arabian merchant who put his supply of milk into a pouch made from a sheep's stomach, as he set out on a day's journey across the desert. The rennet in the lining of the pouch, combined with the heat of the sun, caused the milk to separate into curd and whey. That night he found that the whey satisfied his thirst, and the cheese (curd) had a delightful flavor which satisfied his hunger.
  • Mar 26, 879

    Gorgonzola was made in the Po Valley in Italy in 879

  • Mar 26, 1070

    Italy makes cheese

    Italy became the cheesemaking center of Europe during the 10th Century. Roquefort was also mentioned in the ancient records of the monastery at Conques, France as early as 1070.
  • The mayflower

    Cheesemaking continued to flourish in Europe and became an established food. In fact, the Pilgrims included cheese in the Mayflower's supplies when they made their voyage to America in 1620.
  • The factory

    The first factory was made in 1851, this factory produced cheese, before this factry was made, the farms had been the only ones producing cheese. It was built by Jesse Williams in Oneida County, New York.
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