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  • be born

    be born
    I was born on 08/24/2004 I had spent 9 months in my mother's belly before that, to then have tangled with my umbilical cord and started with this story called life.
  • understanding the world

    understanding the world
    Before, I had recycled the bottles, caps or cans that are in the garbage cans in the streets, I was happy with what we had and we were always together as a family.
  • fight

    I had had anger problems in my childhood due to a physical problem
  • the calm

    the calm
    If I hadn't reached a very important school for me in that year, I would have continued to be violent.
  • simple but good things

     simple but good things
    I had already passed the fourth year of student, so I received as a gift a cocker spaniel, who had helped me at times when I was bored or alone.
  • the little things

     the little things
    the world had become updated in a certain way and so did my musical tastes and in several other things they changed, I had started to like drawing, horror games such as FNAF (a game that had become popular), rock and some other genres, getting together with my first friends.
  • the new World

    the new World
    I went to live with my mother, I had entered a new school where I met several people and where I was able to meet people with whom I had new types of ties.
  • the true bond and betrayal

     the true bond and betrayal
    I had already gone through several experiences with friends and I was always someone very social, after each year that passed they knew me more and I could better understand the environment in which I was until I had adapted. I met one of my best friends today and one who soon ended up being one of the people who has hurt me the most.
  • the emotions?

    the emotions?
    I had never understood how the minds of other people work, since on my part I am someone very simple without much to tell when I had not wanted to do it, meeting a person who understands and supports you is something difficult but not impossible.
  • the awakening

    the awakening
    Everything had changed, I had separated from many friends and others had left, my girlfriend at that time simply showed me another world that would never have interested me, and I had awakened from my dream in the form of reality.
  • the catastrophe

     the catastrophe
    I had begun to notice many things, and each day it became more difficult for me to understand them, because the moment had come to burn a stage in some way; Well, a pandemic had occurred that would make me see everything that I had not seen before, thinking about everything that had happened to me and what I could do later, and making me realize my own way of acting and then fall and get back up.