My grandmother: By Nathalia Perdomo

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  • Alicia Hoyos

    My grandmother is Alicia Hoyos, she's my favorite person in the world. She's very sweet, she's a person I can trust and she's always with me.
  • She's loving ❤

    Because she always has a smile for everyone, no matter the situation
  • She's cheerful

    Because she's always looking for the best in all situations, she laughs at the little things in life and always has jokes to tell
  • She's expressive

    Because she always shows her emotions, wether she is happy, sad or angry. She is very expressive towards me, she always shows her love
  • She's talkative

    She likes to talk to all family and friends. Always looking for conversation even with people she doesn't know
  • She's understanding

    she is a support for the whole family, understands the problems of others and is present at all times, she is loving and trustworthy