My government

Timeline created by oakster
  • New frontier

    People arrive to Nouveau ville
  • who to turn to?

    people start to disagree with each other on what is best for the new nation.
  • Rising sun

    One person steps up and promises every that he will make everyone happy. The people see this person as a god who is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • corruption

    Power begins to get to the leader's head, as people start to speak out he begins to punish them by killing them or threatening to hurt them or their family.
  • silence

    The people have been scared of their leader and have kept quiet due to the fear of getting hurt. This has been happening for about a year.
  • tipping point

    The people have had enough and are ready to speak out. The ruler threatens to kill every who oppose him, but the people do not care they are willing to do what ever it takes to get him out.
  • reconstruction

    The citizens who have won the war are thinking on how to rebuild the government and their land.
  • Democracy

    Everyone has agreed on having a democratic government allowing the people to chose their leader by voting one in and not letting him have all the power.
  • Period: to


    war has broken out with the ruler's military and the citizens who want freedom.