My Generation

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  • hip-hop rises

    hip-hop rises
    the rap group NWA came from Compton, california and succeszsfully set the stage for new rappers and or artists to take their music to the next level.
  • Alaska oil spill

    alsaka oil spilled 11 millions gallons of oil into eleanor island. even to today there is still oil buried beneath the rocks.
  • George H.W Bush

    George H.W Bush
    George H.W Bush becomes president and has to deal with ending of cold war & Gulf war.
  • Hubble telescope launched into space

    Hubble telescope launched into space
    telescope launched in 1990 by United States it served as purpous for deep space exploration and seeingfar in the universe.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    Known as operation Desert Storm. we did this to liberate Iraq forces from Kuwait.
  • Magic Johnson retires due to HIV positive

    Magic Johnson retires due to HIV positive
    probably the greatest point guard of all time in basketball . magic johnson retied from finding out that he tested HIV positive. this changed the basketball world forever.
  • Soviet Union Collapses

    Soviet Union Collapses
    since 1982, the Soviet Union finally collapses & communism falls. the Berlin wall is taken down & they start to bec ome some what of capitalists.
  • Creation of the world wide web

    the internet was officially created and it allowed business to now trade and make their own websites. the creation also led to new websites and games and much more!
  • Michael Jordan retires

    he left the game for which he loved and went to go play baseball . his father passes away and when he was little he played baseball with his father. a couple years later Jordan successfully returned to the game of basketball wearing jersey #45.
  • Michael jordan returns to basketball

    Michael jordan returns to basketball
    the greatest basketball player of all time officially came back from retirement and wore number 45 against the New York Knicks and won a ring. later though he ofificially retired and stopped playing.
  • Dolly thecloned sheep

    Dolly thecloned sheep
    dolly was the first ever sheep cloned and first animal cloned. she did not live for two many years but after this experiment researchers and scientists did more experiment/tests with animals even more...
  • Tupac Shakur dies

    Tupac Shakur dies
    one of the greatest rappers of all time 2pac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas , and reportedly dead. supposely Notorious B.I.G gang shor tupac.
  • Titanic release

    Titanic release
    stariing Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate winslet , the movie was based on a true story and two random people fell in true love and had fun on the ship. but when the ship hit the iceberg, it forced them two to be in tight sitautions and work together.
  • Clinton and the Lewinski Scandal

    Bill Clinton was believed to have an affair with Monica Lewinski. it led to Bill Clinton's impeachment.
  • September 11

    September 11
    on the morning of September 11, 2001. the terroroist group known as Al-Queda successfully hijacked two airplanes and crashed into the twin tower's and the pentagon. millions of lives were lost and president Bush put more troops in the war.
  • Bush strenghtns peace corps.

    Bush strenghtns peace corps.
    he opens the 2002 olympics games. he also help created bioterrorism by 319 pwercent.
  • election of first african american president

    election of first african american president
    the first african american president Barack Obama is elected as president. he has to deal with the OPEC and gas crisis. he has to deal with terrorism everywhere and the government deficit.