Timeline created by lauratatianaperdomo
  • My grandfather

    My grandfather
    my grandfather is very brave, he has a big stomach, white hair, green eyes, brown skin, big ears and his personality is not very good
  • My grandmother

    My grandmother
    She is very beautiful,she has big eyes, long black hair, se is an excellent personla and she wants to help everiyone, she is one of the people i love the most
  • My aunt

    My aunt
    she is slim, very beautiful, has short brown hair, lives in bogota and has a great personality
  • My mother

    My mother
    she is a beautiful woman, she has long hair, her skin is normal color, she has big brown eyes and she has a great personality
  • My father

    My father
    He is a responsible, hard-working man, his skin is dark, he is skinny, his hair is not very long and he has a great personality
  • My husband

    My husband
    he is a strong man, he has big arms, he is big, his hair is black, he has big eyes, a beautiful smile, he is an excellent father
    and he has a great personality
  • My sister

     My sister
    she is a very imperfect girl, she has beautiful eyes, her hair is very long black and she has a great personality