Timeline created by AsierRuiz
  • Mar 23,2005 Birth

    Mar 23,2005 Birth
    I was bron by natural birth
    I weighted 2,800kg and I measured 50cm
    I was bron in Wednesday
  • 2010 Fever

    2010 Fever
    When I was 5 years old. Have Fever and 38 temperature and the hurt the bones and tire very fast . Me give syrup and week the treat.
  • 2018 Card Accident

    2018 Card Accident
    When I was 13 years old. I was accident and broke Tibia and Perone, and pass 2 week in Hospital and operation and put three metal
  • 2019 Twist Ankle

    2019 Twist Ankle
    When I was 14 years old. Twist ankle play in Footbal in one training, and in the Hospital put one bandage and repose.