My clinical history

Timeline created by Adriana Ugarte
  • My birth day

    My birth day
    This day I was born in Bilbao. A characteristic is that when I was born my head was very dark but then when I was 1 year old my head was vey blonde. I was born at 10:03 of the morning. I weighed 3 kg and 250 g and I was 49, 5 cm tall.
  • Chicken pox

    Chicken pox
    When I was 2 years old I had chicken pox. I can't remember a lot about it because I was too small. But I remember seeing my body full of red blisters. For me it was a very normal thing because a lot of children pass it. I don't remember very well but I was with this disease for 6 days.
  • Something like appendicitis

    Something like appendicitis
    In 2017, one day I started having stomach pain. I was 2 weeks or more lying in the sofa with stomach pain. I was sure that I had appendicitis. My brother at the same time it was like me, with pain in the stomach. But my brother's it was more serius. We 2 pass this thing together in the sofa.
  • Pharyngitis

    This appened to me 2 or 3 years ago in august when I was in my villlage in Burgos. This was because I drank so cold water. I don't remember a lot of it. But I didn't fell good. If I remember correctly I pass this illness in more than a week. But it wasn't so serious.
  • Pollen allergy

    Pollen allergy
    So this spring, more or less on april my family and I started walking around my town because the quarantine it was more or less finishing. So in this time it was a lot of pollen in my town. And I started beein allergy to the pollen. My throat itched, my eyes itched and cried and I have a lot of snots.